It’s time to rewrite normal

Do you ever feel that the world isn’t made for you? That you don’t fit the norm? That you have to hide behind a mask to get through the day? You’re not alone. Hidden Stories lights a fire of solidarity for the millions of people living with invisible conditions.

Join us as we rip off the labels, cast the stigma aside and talk compassionately about what we keep hidden. It’s time to tell our hidden stories…

'These are voices that need to be heard – stories that come from a few, but which speak to the lives of so many of us.'

– Dr Helen Johnson, social scientist

Hidden Stories is a playfully illustrated book based on the everyday experiences of people living with invisible conditions such as anxiety or ME. It speaks to all of us, and our common struggle to simply be ourselves.

Hidden Stories illustrated book
Hidden stories illustrated book

Taking care of ourselves (and each other)

Whether you live with anxiety or OCD, autism or chronic fatigue syndrome, navigating the world with an invisible condition can be difficult and lonely sometimes. If you or someone you know has been affected, you might find some useful suggestions on our Support page.

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