The book

Hidden Stories is a short, playful graphic novel about what it’s like to live with an invisible condition. Really it’s about all of us, and the common struggle to simply be ourselves.

Hidden Stories follows a day in the life of Anita, Karla and Mike. Through their encounters, we experience a world that isn’t always kind, adaptable or understanding to people living with invisible conditions. Conditions that range from anxiety to autism, muscle pain to ME (also known as chronic fatigue syndrome).

These stories are based on the everyday experiences of people living with invisible conditions. They invite us to explore, with curiosity and compassion, the parts of ourselves many of us keep hidden. The parts we fear no-one else will understand. Parts that don’t quite fit ‘the norm’.

Really Hidden Stories is about all of us, whatever conditions we may or may not have. It gently removes the labels we put on things we don’t understand. And it leaves us questioning whether ‘normal’ means anything at all.

Hidden Stories book cover

‘This book is for everybody.’

– Focus group participant

‘It works on subtle levels, reminding us of our common pain experiences.’

– Focus group participant

‘A useful tool for people with invisible conditions. The start of a conversation.’

– Focus group participant

Get the book free

We gave all 8,000 printed copies of Hidden Stories to libraries, communities and local organisations in the south of England. But you can get a digital copy of the book right here – for free. Is there a friend, family member or colleague who might benefit from reading it?

You can also borrow a copy of Hidden Stories from:

Page of book – a man is contained within a box and struggling to get out
Page of book – a lady lays on a bench while people comment on whether she's okay
Page of book – a lady rips pages from a book and uses them to form a mask to shield her

A talking point

You might find that Hidden Stories is a helpful conversation starter. And at the back of the book, you’ll see some practical ideas on how to use it, individually or within a group.

Making Hidden Stories

Hidden Stories is the result of 18 months of creative workshops, dozens of road-trips and hundreds of individual experiences shared by a fantastic bunch of contributors. A journey that was life-changing for many of us.

Help us fund more copies

Would your organisation like to print more copies of Hidden Stories, so it can benefit even more people?

The voices behind the book

Some of the people who’ve inspired the book share their own personal stories and reflections.