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Dear Morph-Cloud

You have been with me, within and without for so long – you are a part of my life. When I was young you didn’t exist for me. When I became an adult you became me, forever shifting and melding to form yourself around me.

Sometimes I believe that you are me, that I am you – that we are indispensable, that we can’t live without each other. Other times I wonder where or who would I be without you? You are so very changeable – the days are different with you, the same patterns appear though like the weather, the seasons, the movement of my life. How I long to be free of you, Morph-Cloud – we have been together for so many years.

If only you would please turn over. I can learn to live without you. I promise you I can. I’m giving myself the chance to now, like I never have before. I can see beyond you, imagine a life without you. When light shines through your darkness I can sense another life, another me.

When you accompany other people (as I’m sure you do, as I’m sure you will) I will see you, I will recognise you – I will help others to do the same, to see you as I do, to know you as I do, to make our lives without you.

Until that time comes, these words will remain…


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